Framing is our career choice and we take our trade seriously. Whether framing a custom home or a 200,000 square-foot complex, we do it all!

Building Quality

Preparations are made so that production starts as soon as the crew shows up. Most questions and RFI’s have already been asked and answered. Our goal is to make the Site Supervisor, Project Manager, Owner and Architect’s jobs become as worry-free as we can possibly make them.

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“Baxter Builders did all the framing on the Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic and Recreation Center…we were very pleased with the finished quality and end product.”

Terry Loerke, LCG Pence Construction

Baxter Builders Commercial Framing in Central Oregon

What Kinds of Jobs Do We Do

  • Complex Office Buildings

  • Schools

  • Dorms

  • Hotels

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Multifamily

  • Assisted Living

  • Churches

  • Large Commercial Buildings

  • Small Commercial Buildings

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Custom Homes


We feel that the more work that is put in on the front side the smoother the job will go. We work hard on getting your job dialed in up front before construction even starts so that when we get to the site we can hit the ground running. Pre-construction includes: design build help, budgeting, material and hardware take offs, value engineering, and constructability of different fire wall applications. We look at the constructability and offer advise that might save time for us and other trades due to the logistical way a building could be put together, site logistics for tight job sites, mapping out and providing exact locations for anchors in PT slabs, providing hold down layouts, and much more.


    Framing is our career choice and we take our trade seriously. With all the upfront work that we put in it lets us really focus on production when the crew shows up. Most the questions and RFI’s have already been asked and answered. Our job is to make the Site supervisor, project managers, owners and architects’ job as easy and worry free as possible.


    Projects are delivered on time and within budget. Overcoming obstacles and formulating solutions are what we like to call fun. We stay up do date with schedules, RFI’s, safety, and material deliveries. Our crews are trained on the correct framing techniques and procedures so that your project will be square, plumb, and built to your satisfaction.


    Nowadays, many structures include large amounts of structural steel which is needed to support larger loads. Steel is often a problem and is almost always the wrong height or dimension when provided outside of the framing scope. Baxter Builders provides complete steel take offs and installs. Our certified welders are available for any on-site fabrication needs, whether hired to install steel or just provide the framing scope.


    It’s said, time is money, and we understand that. Baxter Builders has the capacity and manpower to meet even the more rigorous schedules. We pay close attention to schedules, ensuring that we have the necessary material manpower on-site and ready to go so we can complete your job on or before your schedule.


    Your Project will be delivered on time and within budget. We are team players and work with all trades involved to overcome obstacles and come up with solutions that work for everyone.


    Many of our employees have been with us for over 12 years! We are blessed to have a large group of very talented and trustworthy carpenters and laborers. By keeping all our workforce in house, we don’t have to rely on temporary crews and can ensure your project is on time and according to the specs for the job.


    We take safety seriously. Our in-house safety manager has years of experience in the safety field. We hold weekly meetings where we discuss safety information and site-specific issues, safety concerns, questions. We deal with safety concerns quickly. We train all employees in the use of fall protection and cover specific situations that the framing trade presents. We also hold training and certification classes for rigging and signaling, aerial lifts, scissor lifts, and forklifts. We care about each person on the job and are responsible to fully train and prepare our crew for the job at hand.


    We like to work smarter not harder. That is why we have a full fleet of equipment ready to work. In this fast-paced environment, we cannot wait on others which is why we have over 40 pieces of equipment including: semi trucks, trailers, cranes, forklifts, aerial lifts, and scissor lifts. We employee crane operators and semi truck drivers that constantly feed material to job sites and fly material in with the cranes. To keep all this equipment going we have a Service Manager that does all the necessary services and repairs.

“Baxter Builders framing capabilities have exceeded Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company’s expectations.”

Kirby Nagelhout Construction

“Baxter Was on schedule, on budget and great to work with. The expertise of their crew was essential for a project with the difficulty level of the Lake County Library.”

Ryan Weehunt, Robinson Construction Co

“Their workmanship is of the highest standard and their pricing is very competitive. I highly recommend them as a framing company.”

Robb Mayers, Project Manager, Adroit Construction